Random thoughts

Excuse me, are you hitting on me?

I’ve come to the conclusion that the way people interact with one another differs from city to city, or in my case, coast to coast. When you walk around the New York/New Jersey area you must have a hard outer shell. You put your blinders on and walk. People yell out of their car at you or hit on you while you are walking the streets. Everyone woman has run into that group of guys who think it’s a good idea to try to take them out or say crude comments to them. On the complete opposite side of the United States and opposite side of the spectrum I’ve noticed that people in California, just want to be nice. I’ve only been here for a couple of weeks, so tell me if I’m wrong, but as you walk around the Santa Monica/Brentwood area people just want to have conversations with you. The moment I moved here I would be walking around and have my “Bitch-face” on. You know, the hard outer shell I was talking about that you need in New York/New Jersey. I quickly came to the realization, these people aren’t trying to hit on me. Yeah, this blog post sounds like I’m completely into myself and that I am always getting hit on and I expect when a man talks to me he is hitting on me, but, that’s not it at all. All women can agree with me that you never know what a mans intentions are. New York/New Jersey men need to take a lesson from these California men. Whether these California men are just really nice and just want to have a full on conversation about hiking or the gym or they are just really smooth talkers and are secretly hitting on you, the New Yorkers need to take a page from their book. Don’t yell crude comments to women, try acting interested in what they are doing and talk to them like human beings. Leave, “hey baby” out of the conversations.

How do men approach you in your city? Do you agree with my comments?


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