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A Sleepy Return

Well well well, I am still here! I’ve been so busy with the return of our vacation and now I am wrapping up with work, because Friday is my last day!! No more corporate life for me, I’m out of here! My husband and I have been super busy planning our California departure and trying to figure out the move. We are officially out of Hoboken, NJ by the end of June and heading to Santa Monica, California. I am beyond excited for this new adventure and cannot wait to get to California. Aside from our busy schedules and trying to pack and whatnot I am still feeling the results of a 6 hour time difference and can’t seem to shake the tiredness and twitching eye. Our trip was absolutely amazing and the food of course was to die for!!!

Here are a few pictures from our trip

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Now back to work to wrap some things up…only a few days left!!!

Question: What is your favorite vacation?

2 thoughts on “A Sleepy Return

  1. Beautiful pictures! I am dying to go to Italy. So far, my favorite places have been Cochem, Germany and Paris, France. Europe is like a completely different world compared to the US!

    • Thanks! Don’t wait to long to get to Italy! It is amazing, I haven’t been to those places that you listed but I would love to visit. Seeing the way other people live and eat is amazing.

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