Random thoughts

Bon Voyage

And we’re off! In a few hours I will be hopping onto an Airplane to Barcelona, Spain! eek! I hate flying…my anxiety is already starting and the day seems to be crawling by. With every minute passing my anxiety sky rockets..I’m not sure why I am like this, I’ve never had a traumatic experience with flying and there should be no reason for my anxiety, but it’s there!


Where we stop!


Did I pack too much?

This trip with definitely be a lot of fun. I can’t wait to see all of the places I absolutely love. My husband and I took almost this same cruise for our honeymoon last year and now we are sharing it with his family. It’s great how excited all of them are, they haven’t been overseas yet so they’ll definitely have a lot of fun! I feel like cruising is the best way to explore all of these locations so you can see which ones you want to head back to for an extended stay. While on the ship I plan on sticking to my workout routine like I do during the week, but we will definitely be doing a lot of excursions and walking so with that being said, I definitely wont need to over do it. I’ve researched the ships’ fitness center and found that they have Yoga/Pilates classes as well as spinning classes on board. I have to check out the schedule but I am hoping that I will be able to take a few classes, if not, I’ll run the lovely track they provide around the ship! Aside from my excursions and exercise routine I am ready to kick back and enjoy myself.

But…IMG_20130503_162058…I’m going to miss my little cutie!

I better take this time to relax because when we get back it’s all business..I’ll have my last week and a half of work and then I need to pack up the apartment and move out to California. Oh, did I forget to mention…the California trip is a go!

Question: What do you have anxiety about when you travel?

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