Random thoughts

1 Year and Counting


Good morning-ish! Happy Monday? I do have to admit, I have the most negative feelings towards Mondays, especially when you have had a crazy busy weekend! Yesterday was mine and my husbands 1st year wedding anniversary! We made it 1 year! The day wasn’t filled with romance but we did have a wonderful dinner. We started off the day in Pennsylvania for his brothers college graduation, which took forever. Why do these speakers think it’s okay to drag on and on and on and talk about themselves rather than the graduates. Aren’t we all there for the Graduates? Anyway, the drive from Pennsylvania to Hoboken is probably the most boring drive you can possibly have, so of course I slept most of the way. We arrived back to Hoboken around 6:30, we had a 7:00 reservation, nothing like rushing to get ready! But we did it, we quickly got ready and made ourselves look super fancy and headed to the Chart House in Weehawken, NJ. We were here one other time and I loved it so I definitely requested to go there for our little celebration.


The dinner was so delicious. My dinner was actually on their gluten-free menu. I am not gluten-free in my everyday life but I know that places tend to lighten up on the sauces  so I decided to get something off of that menu. We decided that we needed an after dinner toast with some Champagne so we headed to the bar in the restaurant and toasted to each other and our first year together.


Our night together and our first year together was amazing. I’ve truly married my best friend and I couldn’t ask for anyone better than him.








My handsome hubby and our view while we were eating!

So now it is back to reality and these next few days are going to be nothing short of crazy, all I can think about right now is packing! We are heading to Europe with his family on a cruise for 9 days. We begin in Spain and cruise around to France and Italy, it’s like our honeymoon all over again! I will definitely be taking a ton of pictures, as I always do when I go on vacation, and I can’t wait to share them all!


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