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Okay, okay so I’ve been totally slacking with taking pictures of my food. I feel like by the time I realize I didn’t take a picture I have already finished my food…that’s not good! Hopefully by next week I wont be such a slacker and I’ll have some tasty options for you! So I’ve decided to post what I WISH I ate Wednesday, thanks again Jenn for hosting! I’m going to grab my favorite recipes from my favorite blogs and vow to myself that I need to make some of this stuff in the near future.

Let’s just start with two pictures of something I actually did eat!

Amy’s Low Sodium Fat Free Minestrone soup with a slice of Ezekiel toast with Almond butter on it, and of course my favorite APPLES

IMG_20130429_131426 IMG_20130503_143931

Now for what I wish I ate!


Banana Pops with Sweet Dukkah – Via Ascension kitchen


Sweet Potato Falafels– Via The Lean Green Bean


Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookie Dough – Via PB Fingers


Strawberry Sangria– Via Life A La Wife

Question: Do you see other bloggers post and say…I wish I made that?


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