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Favorite Baking Substitutes


Happy Friday all! Time to get the weekend rolling ūüôā Tonight will be a fun and exciting girls night at the bowling alley! Tomorrow I’ll start my day with 50 minutes of spinning and maybe a little tennis with the hubby? Sunday is exercise rest day so that calls for a motorcycle ride. There is nothing better than a nice weekend with great weather, let’s just hope it stays that way. With the weekend at hand I am thinking of some creative ideas for baking. This week I prepared a chocolate chip banana bread for the hubby using some over, over, over ripe bananas. I hate that bananas go bad so quickly, so it’s really nice to have recipes that actually call for over ripe bananas. (Recipe for the bread to come soon!) I love the whole aspect of clean eating but it is so hard sometimes to have all clean ingredients while baking. So when I found this quick chart on Picklee¬†(Thanks Jordan!)¬†I couldn’t wait to share it.


Flour –>Black Bean Puree (1 for 1)

Sugar–> Unsweetened Apple Sauce (1 Cup Sugar = 1/2 Cup Apple sauce)

Butter–> Mashed Avocados OR Bananas¬†(1 for 1)

Heavy Cream–> Evaporated Milk ( 1 for 1)

Sugar –> Vanilla Extract ( Use half the sugar and add a teaspoon of vanilla to replace that half)

Sugar–>Sugar Substitute (ex: Stevia 1 tablespoon of sugar=1.5 packets of Stevia)¬†

Chocolate Chips–>¬†Cacao¬†Nibs (1 for 1)

Canola Oil–>Greek Yogurt (1 Cup oil=3/4 cup Greek Yogurt)

**Please remember that these substitutions may alter the taste and look of your baked goods. But health is better than what it looks like :-)**

As someone who loves baking I’ve personally used the¬†unsweetened apple sauce for Sugar, the Greek Yogurt for Canola oil, and the Bananas for Butter. I can Honestly say that the baked goods are always a hit and they taste great!

Question:  Will you try these baking alternatives? If so, let me know how it goes and what you used!

Have a great weekend!!


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