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California Favorites


Well, I can’t believe that it has been a week since the last time I’ve posted something. As mentioned in one of my previous posts my husband and I flew to California for vacation job Interviews 🙂 We are ready to take the plunge and move across country!!! The whole trip was an absolute blast and it just confirmed how right California is for us. Hiking, Beach, Snowboarding, City all in a close range of one another is just what we are looking for!It felt more like home to me than Hoboken does. Don’t get me wrong, I love Hoboken and think it’s probably one of the best places to live, but California just feels right! All interviews went well and now we are just playing the waiting game, let’s hope we hear back soon!!!

Aside from interviews we definitely had a lot of time to explore. We went hiking and had fish tacos in Malibu, partying at the Soho house, breakfast at the Beverly hills hotel, watched the Lakers (my very first basketball game ever!) and explored Mulholland drive.

Here are some pictures of our trip!

IMG_20130411_130142IMG_20130411_084831  IMG_20130412_193308IMG_20130413_13344320130411_154249

1) Favorite Drink– Bloody Mary slightly spicy 2) Favorite View– Overlooking Beverly Hills 3) Favorite Memory– Lakers Game–> feel better Kobe! 4) Favorite Meal– FISH TACOS! The place we ate was actually in the first Fast and the Furious! and these tacos were amaze-balls! 5) The Cutest little puppy in all of California….well..Until my little guy gets there! 

 Today’s Question:  What is your favorite place to visit and what are your favorite activities to do there?

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