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WIAW and What I Wore Wednesday

Today is a really exciting day for me and my husband. We are heading to California for a few days for some interviews. We are moving forward with this move and couldn’t be more excited! Everyone keeps asking me why California, what is there for you? Why would you want to leave your family behind. My reasons…I’m young! I’m 23 years old and now is the time to live a little, do something that I’ve always wanted to do and have always talked about doing! Another reason, Have you seen how beautiful southern California is? Why wouldn’t I want to move there? Reason 3, life is short, things happen and we tend to get caught up in our own crazy lives to explore what else is out there. So here is my opportunity to explore the world!

I wanted to add a little What I Wore Wednesday to what I ate Wednesday. With the weather being so darn beautiful I’ve been so excited to finally step out of my all black outfits and jump into the spring fashion trends! I have to admit there are times that I do go on Pinterest and find some inspiration when I’m not too inspired by my closet.

A few outfits I’ve worn over the past couple of days…

IMG_20130405_073345Vest- H & M/ Long Sleeve T- Hollister/ pants- TownHouse  IMG_20130409_073154 Outfit-Express/ Shoes- Jimmy Choo  IMG_20130410_074009Pants- A&F/ Shirt- Express/ Shoes-Jimmy Choo

Thanks Jenn for hosting another What I ate Wednesday!  I love exploring what everyone eats and getting ideas for what to make! Here are few things that I’ve eaten in the past couple of days…20121029_180500Camera 360

IMG_20130408_193822IMG_20130410_093724  IMG_20130410_093518

Homemade Whole Wheat Pizza with Home made sauce, Broccoli, Jalapenos, and Organic Grated Cheese/Favorite snack, Apple and Skippy Natural Peanut butter/I have this thing for breakfast for dinner…Oatmeal with Cinnamon and Blueberries/Luna Mini to save me from Afternoon Hunger!/How I start my day every morning, A little Yogi tea with a little inspiration

I love this What I Wore Wednesday…If anyone participates send me a shout out and a link to your blog, I’d love a little inspiration from your outfits!

Question of the Day:  Would you pick up and move across the States? Or move somewhere you’ve always loved?


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