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Yoga Hangover

This past weekend was my last weekend of Yoga Teacher Training!! I’m officially a 200 Hour certified yoga instructor.This has been such an amazing experience and a ride of a life time. My last weekend was definitely one of the hardest weekends we have had. We had to present our finals. We had to pair up into teams and present a yoga class to our teachers. I was in a team of 2 other girls so we had to present an hour and a half class (30 minutes each). So as you can imagine we did A LOT of yoga! Almost 3.5 hours of yoga in one day, and then the next day we had a two-hour arm balance workshop. You can call the result of this weekend a Yoga hangover! But if you think about it what is a better way to cure a hang over, then to do more yoga! I’ll be heading to my studio this afternoon for a lunch express class (1 hour). Before I head to yoga my workout for today was a 50 minute spin class! I used my Garmin Heart Rate monitor and I love this little device, it tells me so much and I really like how to calculates how many calories that I’ve burned based on my heart rate.

How was your weekend? Accomplish anything you’ve been dying to do?

Well off to get ready for Yoga! See my workout below and what I ate for breakfast, it’s my new favorite!

Spin for today!


Post work-out drink

Unsweetened original Almond milk with a squirt of sugar-free Hershey’s chocolate syrup.


Yogi Green tea lemon ginger

Slice of Ezekiel cinnamon raisin french toast with a side of mixed fruit and ground flax sprinkled on the top.


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