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I Won!

It has been awhile since I’ve posted…well…anything! I’ve been feeling so guilty for not posting anything because I see this blog as my way to get away from the world and allow myself to be fully engulfed in this, it’s somewhat of a guilty pleasure for me to write about, anything I want. My day is always so structured and to be able to literally blurt out whatever I want on a webpage is amazing! I’ve been so busy with Yoga Teacher Training, that it somewhat runs my life right now. This coming weekend is my last weekend of this training and it is a bitter-sweet moment. I love the people whom I’ve met and I love that we all get along so well, I hope these people are life long friends of mine. The sweet portion of this bittersweet moment is that I’ll have my weekends back and wont have to sit in a yoga studio for 18 hours a weekend! I am definitely going to dedicate one of my blog posts to my journey through Yoga Teacher Training and what I want to do next, but I definitely wanted to wait until my last class was finished so I can fully explain how my whole experience was. So anyway, let’s get back to the title of this post…”I Won”. I know you’ve seen me posting quite a few HDR images on my blog and I actually entered a contest through one of Hoboken’s Local blog www.hoboken411.com and won the Hoboken Blizzard contest! I won 10 free movie tickets! My husband and I already took advantage of these tickets too! We went to see Identity Thief…so funny! I definitely recommend this movie!

You can check out all of the images on the website http://hoboken411.com/archives/89695 You can see all of the runner ups as well as the pictures I submitted! This was truly an honor for me, I’ve always wanted to be a photographer and well maybe this is the step in the right direction? A little push to get my foot in the door I must say 🙂

Check out my Photo of the Day page! (I’ve been slacking lately sorry)


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