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Wednesday Wind Down

I wanted to take this opportunity to list a few of my favorite restaurants in Hoboken, NJ and what my favorite meal is at each!

1. Zafra– Cuban food with an amazing atmosphere. It is that place that you would just walk by not knowing how absolutely amazing it is!

What to eat when you go- Anticuchos (Grilled Skewered Chicken with the White rice, Sweet Potato and Cuban style white beans.

What to drink when you go- S.A.N.G.R.I.A!! They are a bring your own restaurant but the will take the wine and make you sangria with fresh squeezed orange juice and amazing fresh fruit.

2. Teak on the Hudson– Hoboken restaurant/Lounge

Go on customer appreciation night (Monday’s and Thursdays) everything on the menu is half off.

What to eat when you go- I have to say I like to keep it simple and just order their sushi. They bring out edamame for free as an appetizer, kind of like other restaurants will bring out bread.

What to drink when you go- Again, the Sangria is amazing, but I have also heard that the Martini’s are good.

3. Sushi Lounge– Japanese Cuisine

Go on their 1/2 priced martinis, I love all of their Martini’s and its really hard to recommend just one.

What to eat when you go- My husband loves their Chicken Teryaki, you get so much food! When I go I love the cucumber avocado roll with brown rice and their Miso soup. I also like the Red hot/White Hot, it is cucumber and avocado, topped with big eye or white tuna, thin slices of jalapeno and cilantro. They serve it with house made hot sauce, but I usually get it without.

4. Grimaldi’s

My recommendations….any of their pizza! I can’t really recommend anything here because it is all good, and I absolutely love their pizza!

5. The Madison

I wouldn’t recommend their brunch, I honestly was not impressed but the dinner menu is amazing!!

What to eat when you go- Strawberry fields salad. A mixture of feta, sliced almonds, onion, and strawberries over a bed of mixed greens is amazing. They serve a type of pizza bread when you sit down with this amazing lemon ricotta dip and some lovely olive oil.

What to drink when you go- Sangria, well of course! and I love their Malbec wine.

6. The Turning Point

This is a breakfast/Brunch/Lunch restaurant, they always have a line so don’t expect to walk right in and sit down.

What to eat when you go- My husband loves their skillets! I love their fresh fruit salad with a dry English muffin and a side of peanut butter.

What to drink when you go- Their French pressed coffee is literally the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had. They also have a tropical green tea that is amazing, I went out and bought a box of it for my house.

7. Onieals

A cozy Bar/restaurant

What to eat when you go- I love their “grilled chicken salad” but I replace the chicken with grilled shrimp. I also love their veggie burger! My husband always gets a burger or a buffalo chicken wrap!

What to drink when you go- They have a huge selection of drinks but I love their Rioja wine.


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