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Foodie Pen Pal anyone?

Last night I received some foodie pen pal lovin! I was so anxious to receive the package, not knowing what to expect. But to start it off here is a little background on this fun project. You are paired up with two different people, one, you send a package too, the other is sending you a package. You e-mail your pen pal to make sure they have no restrictions with their diet and get their address. You go out and get some fun crazy food or just your favorites!

The way i went about this project was I wanted to tell my pen pal a little more about me, through food so…what i sent:

–> Hoboken Eddies Sauces (I live in Hoboken)

Peanut Butter CookieTropical Fruit Tart–> LARABAR (I’m a total health nut who is always on the go…these are amazing..all natural ingredients!!)

–> Chocolate chip caramel apple (because we’ll I can’t be healthy ALL the time! My splurge once and awhile 🙂

–> Yogi Tea…I’m a Yogi and training to be a Yoga teacher 🙂 …Definitely my favorite tea!

Can’t wait to find out if she likes all of the goodies! And for what I received that was soooo wonderful…

IMG_20130117_17372120130117_174240 <–SOO good

Powerberries (YUM!)–> I couldn’t wait to dig in!

Wasabi Peas

Banana slices

Dried Peas

Black bean dip

and “Tomato-less” Salsa! Yumm

I can’t wait to try EVERYTHING! If you want to join foodie pen pals click the link below!


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