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What did your weekend bring you?

This weekend was definitely one of “those weekends”. To start it off I’m sick..I’ve definitely come down with the flu and yet, I never stop! A lesson I need to take from my husband is to just sit down for a little and relax! Well..I haven’t learned the lesson yet so I didn’t stop,  I think it’s a woman thing? Well anyway, I’m in a 200-hour Yoga teacher training and this weekend our teachers were kind enough to set up some time and hold some make-up hours, and I definitely took advantage of that. You can say the Yoga studio is definitely happy place :-). We worked on some alignment and even being in the program we all make mistakes so this class was definitely needed! Some of the poses we spent a lot of time on were Warrior “Virabhadrasana” 1 and 2. This alignment is super hard for students. The front leg must be parallel to the ground with the knee tracking over the first two toes. The back leg for Warrior one must be about 3 feet from the front. The heel of the back foot must align to the heel of the front foot with a 45-60 degree angle. Whereas Virabhadrasana 2 you must separate your back leg just a little more from the front and turn the foot out so it is not angled inwards. WHEW! that is a lot!


But we also did some amazing inversions. I have always been so terrified of popping up into a handstand. Just the thought of all of my body weight on my hands is really intimidating. So I put all fear aside and did it! I also concured the forearm stand. All of these were done with a little help from the wall 🙂


Forearm stand

The way to get into these inversions are so simple. Everyone thinks you need to just throw yourself into the poses and that’s when people end up getting hurt. Align yourself close to the wall with about 5 inches between you and the wall. Start in down dog “Adho Mukha Svanasana”, lift the right leg into a down dog split images  bend the grounded legs’ knee and kick up into a handstand. This is also done for the forearm stand but you are obviously on your forearms. I hope that helped those of you who are trying these poses out!

Alright so aside from my all day yoga accomplishments, my husband and I hit up this amazing restaurant in the city (NY). It is this little “hole-in-the-wall” soup and noodle restaurant…My FAVORITE!!! I ordered this amazing Rice noodle Vegetable soup..full of Bok Choy, Carrots, Broccoli, Cauliflower and bean sprouts. This definitely inspired me to try to make this at home so I searched around for a recipe that was vegetarian and of course healthy. I went out and bought all the necessary ingredients and will post once I make it! I can’t wait, it’s definitely my go to winter meal 🙂

Noodle Soup-noodles and dumplings 7th ave, NYC

I hope you have a great New Year and may 2013 bring you health, happiness and some good Karma!

“Our true nature is Divine. Light and dark forces play interchangeably in the heart of man. When we move away from the truth and goodness within us, we allow the darkness to settle in. Only by searching within and living from love, can we overcome the undivine and emerge into the state of perfection –Shubhraji


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