Hit the Bar!


I am definitely the type of person who will try any kind of new fun exercise. My everyday exercise includes kickboxing or bootcamp..5 days a week that is where I am at 5:45 in the morning. The weekends are usually for me and whatever fitness routine i feel like doing. As a Yoga teacher trainee I definitely gravitate towards something along the lines of Yoga, whether it be getting to a Vinyasa yoga class or like today a Core Yoga class. One type of class I’ve recently been addicted to is the Barre method. This really is the most amazing work out!! I’ve always wanted to be a ballerina but unfortunately my family didn’t have the resources for me to get involved in ballet. So…this is my chance and my opportunity to take it in my own hands and do my own “ballet-type” class :-). Okay, so “The Bar Method integrates the fat-burning format of interval training with muscle-shaping isometrics to quickly and safely reshape the entire body. Its non-impact, one-hour workout targets all major muscle groups and improves posture. The result is a recognizable “Bar Method body” featuring sculpted arms, flat abs, a lifted seat, and elongated thighs.” -body sculpting workout”, In my class we move from leg work outs to stretches, glute exercises then stretch. At around 40 minutes into the class we shift our focus and move to arms Biceps, Triceps, and back then stretch. After that we focus on our abdominals. In my explanation of the class you can see I mentioned a lot of stretching. With this class it isn’t about bulking up like most women fear. “These routines will trim your body. The series of exercises strengthen and stretch every major muscle group in the body, targeting hard to reach muscles to burn maximum calories and attain a more sculpted shape.”  I have definitely noticed a change in my body, it has helped me expand my yoga practice with my flexibility and has really made me tone, oh and my butt looks pretty good! 🙂 So I’ve really talked up this whole method…now…Will you try it?


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